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S.O.S. Island Walkthrough

Hey guys! If you've been wondering how to beat S.O.S. Island, I typed this all myself, and here it is! Enjoy!

                                         S.O.S. ISLAND WALKTHROUGH
                                            DIFFICULTY: EASY
                                            SYNOPSIS: A cruise ship has hit an iceberg and is sinking down to the    bottom of the ocean. In this island you have to race against time and oxygen to save lives. Can you save everybody before it is too late?

            When you arrive on the scene, you will see a wrecked cruise ship. You will see some people getting rescued in a boat, and a employee looking worried. She will tell you that the ship is sinking and people are inside. Walk to the left to the ship and you will see a chunk of ice blocking the entrance. You need to break it. To break it, go back to the right, down, and in the water. Go left until you find the broken in half mini boat. Jump on the flotation device, and unto the boat. Jump from the right side of it to the left side, up to the higher boat. From there, jump to the deck, go to the end of the left side of the boat, jump up to the highest point, and go right until you see the big ice ball at the end. Roll it down and smash it and the ice block covering the door. Go inside.

     Starting Inside the Ship
           If you go left, you will notice all the door either have broken handles, or crates in front of them. Go to where you came in, and go in the door next to that. Go left and up, wait until the captain is done talking, then talk to him. he says that he enabled the emergency doors, and you need to click the dial to the left. Then exit back to the main part in the ship. Go to the left, over to door 6 and enter. Save the guy inside and he will get his whale caller. After that, he will give it to you after you exit back to the main screen outside.


          Go left, and go straight into the entrance door. You will see that the room is taken over by water, and now the crates are out of the way and are now floating. Go to the left, to the first door without a number. You will see a employee that says she can't swim. You will have to save her. Go down and swim under the column. Then, collect the bottle, push the orange flotation device over almost all the way to the right, by the broken glass, aim and shoot your bottle cap! Crack the glass even more and the water level will go up and the girl will land on the flotation device. Push it to the left, by the other cracked glass. Again, shoot the bottle and crack the glass, and you can escape.

          Go left, back to the ship screen. Jump up on the pile of ice boulders unto the top of the ship. Then go left, and keep climbing up stuff and climb to one rope to the other, onto the umbrella. Bounce from that one to the other one, then keep climbing up until you get to the top hole in the ship. Enter through it. Fall to the bottom of the ship, then dive under. Click the water valve and the water will rise. Now go in the broken vent. Watch out! Keep your oxygen level high by refueling on bubbles, and watch out for the jellyfishes! Climb to the top using the things stuck on the side of the wall and jump on the supports in the middle of the screen. Climb to the top. Turn the valves on the top in this order: 1.last far right valve, 2. the next upper right valve, 3. the valve between two other ones on the left, 4. the valve in the middle, 5. the upper left, Finish! SPLASH!!! Go up and you will see that a girl is trapped. She will show you how to work with the wheels to make the valves work. she turns the green valve and you need to get to the other side and click it. Do the same with the other valves. After you are done, convince her to leave.

          The girl will give you the pipe wrench, then go left. Jump on the flotation device and climb your way to the top. Enter. Go down, right, time it right between all that negative air, and climb up. Go right and push all the jump aside as you go. The fan will fall, dive underwater, push it out of the way, and exit down. From there, go right and down, in the sideways door. Go up, climb the side wires, and go in the door. Go in the freezer below you. Quickly click all the crates on the wall on the left away, and push the man in an ice block out of the room. Exit. 

           1. Push him right. 2. Push him left. 3. Push the first wooden crate left. 4. Push the man left. 5. Push him right. 6. Push the second wooden crate left. 7. Push the man left. 8. Fall to the bottom, go right, and push the cabbage left unto the left hole. 9. Push the third box left. 10. Push the man left. 11. After he falls, push him right, then left, unto the heater. 12. Let him heat, and exit with him.


          Go left, get in the ship, and find your way through. Watch out for the fish, and you need oxygen to live. Get the bubbles. Good luck!!! 
 After that go left. Keep going in that room, avoid the jellyfishes and the currents, and go left. Go in the next room, go right until you get to the next broken vent, and enter. Go in the next room, go back and forth to the left and avoid the fork and spoon fish, get oxygen bubbles, and go left. Avoid the lobsters, don't run into  to sparked wires, meet the captain, talk, and use your whale caller by using your wrench to fix it. You are saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get the medallion, and you are offered a bonus quest:


          Using the HazMat suit, dive under and vacuum up all the oil. There are eleven leaks, 2 in  four of the spaces, and three in the long one.

                        Thanks, - ZiPpY CrAb


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