Saturday, October 29, 2011

Legendary swords coming!

Hi guys! Legendary Swords are coming 11/11/11 ! A very "binary" date. Here is a little preview:On a distant planet, a hero explores a strange land to discover a race of aggressive and bizarre robots who are planning an invasion of Planet Poptropica! The only way the hero can stop this invading force is by using a series of hidden mystical swords that are scattered throughout the planet. Driven by courage (and a little fear), the hero must stop the invading robots and their diabolical master; the mysterious E. Vile! Learn more here:         hope it helps!  I am very excited!!!-Zippy

Advertisements: Puss in Boots

Hi people! I saw a new advertisement that came out. Puss in Boots! Here it is!
On main street, there is a new ad. Puss in Boots! Go right and go inside. There will be black cats around. Go right and talk to puss in boots. He will ask you to go up and get some golden eggs. You will climb the vine to the top. Then, you will hear a noise. You will need to escape. You will play a mini-game. You have three lives. Dodge leafs and thunder clouds back and forth. Then, you will win! You will get a puss in boots costume and special beans. When you activate them, hit the spacebar and you will plant a beanstalk right on the spot! { it is like flower power.] I hoope I helped!- Zippy Crab

Game Show island conquered!

Hello world!!! This is Zippy Crab reporting with outstanding news!! I beat Game Show island!!! I will have the walkthrough soon!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Game Show Island is coming!!

Hello guys! I am SO excited!!!!!!! Right now it is 30 mins until the game show!!! Here is my rockin' outfit! So I will be here with the walkthrough soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Zippy

Zippy's costumes: Silly poptropican who woke up early for a new poptropica island but found out he had to wait 12 hours!

Hi guys! I am sorry the name is so long.... and you might think I'm crazy for writing this... it is just i'm eastern time and I thought you had to wake up at 5:00 AM for the new island!! I guess I am looking forward to it tonight! Anyway here it is!

1. Vampire boy skin and hair 2. any pants 3. Tofu dog mouth 4. gamer shirt [ either one] 5.enjoy!!!!!-Zippy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zippy's costumes: Insane Roller Coaster Rider

Hello guuys! I came up with another costume! The insane roller coaster rider that cannot wait for the new roller coaster!!! Here it is!!! INSANE ROLLER COASTER RIDER 1. vampire hair 2. disco king glasses 3. any awesome smile 4. red pants 5. hypno shirt.... -Zippy

Scary Stuff Man!

Yah, I found some scary stuff today. That's right, more new island stuff. Well, it looks as if there is a "scary" theme to the next island. I'll be here for updates.-Zippy

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi guys!! I just wanted to tell you guys a little more about myself. Favorite hair: Rock Singer Hair. Brown.
 Favorite Jacket: Biker Jacket.

 Favorite Pants/ Belt: Biker pants + Belt. Here are some pics.

Zippy's costumes: Elvis Presley

Hi Everyone! I came up with another costume! Elvis Presley, the famous singer. So here he is! ELVIS
1. get smile and hair [black] from hercules.[it doesn't matter if he's stone!] 2. rock singer red glasses 3. biker jacket, belt, and pants. 4. rockstar red shirt 5. enjoy!!!- Zippy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zippy's costumes: Mr. Fire

Hi guys!! My friend Quick Chicken and I made another costume!!! Mr.Fire!!!!! Hope you like it!
MR. FIRE 1. get torch gold card and be lit on fire! 2. get hair from hypnotic costume.[orange] 3. red glasses from rock singer 4. facial hair and smile [orange] from rock star 2.    5. orange skin 6. prom king pants, shirt, and cane.[orange] 7. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Zippy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zippy's costumes: Gangsta

Guess what I'm going to be for halloween this year! A gangster! So I decided to make a gangster costume!!! Hope you all like it!! 1. go to mystery train island and drop down the rope and a little bit left. Get the fedora from the man. 2. magician sideburns and mustache. 3. get biker jacket, belt, and pants 4. lawman suit smile and gun 5. masked hero shirt 6. enjoy!!! - Zippy

Zippy's costumes: Graffiti Artist

Hello everybody!!! :D !!!! I have another costume for you!!!! Its the classic graffiti artist!!! Look out trains, here he comes!! Graffiti Artist: 1. get backward hat[hit ctrl + alt + r for a random poptropican[  this will change all of his/her clothes on] until you get the hat ] 2. choose skin color at the balloons in early poptropica. 3. sideburn w dirt marks on face[biker] 4. biker jacket 5. frankenstein torn black shirt 6. any pants 7. frown 8. silly streams [spray paint ] 9. enjoy!!!!- Zippy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Time Tangled

               TIME TANGLED
         straight from the poptropica guide book

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zippy's costumes: Indiana Jones

Hi Everybody! I have a new costume! It is Indiana Jones from Indiana jones and the lost ark, IJ and the crystal skull, Etc. My friend Quick Chicken helped me with this one! Hope you like it!!! Indiana Jones 1. Go to wild west island and get the small brown bag from the lady on the tired horse.{satchel} 2. biker costume dirt marks on face 3. law man costume shirt and smile. 4. man nailing sign up[next to tired horse] get pants and belt. That's it! Hope you like it!!- Zippy

Zippy's costumes: Mail carrier

Hi everybody!! I have a new homemade costume! A mailman! Hope you like it!!! Mail Carrier 1.Boy or girl 2. any hair 3. peacemaker [girl] or lawman [boy] shirt and smile 4. Blue cap and pants from fisherman [counterfeit island] 5. call 1337 on phone, keep only sack. Hope you enjoy it!!!- Zippy Crab

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zippy's costumes: Cat suit

Hi guys! Hope you guys love this new suit I made myself!!! Enjoy! Gray Cat: 1. Werewolf costume head and ears 2. mouse costume shirt and snout 3. dog costume tail and tongue 4. gray pants 5. lion costume mouse to hold 6.gray skin . Hope you like it!!!!

Where's Zippy? Issue 1

Where's Zippy?

Hope you find them!

New Island?

Hello world! I started to feel better about the wait for game show island when I saw these:
New pics for an new island! It might be a bigger Haunted House island or something!!! Leave your ideas in the comments!- Zippy

Bad News

This is Zippy Crab, reporting with some BAD news!!! They changed game show island to Thurs, Oct 27! NO! This means we have to wait a WEEk until it opens!!! Oh well... hang in there... There is more to come! - Zippy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where's Zippy?

Hi everyone! I was thinking of what to do and I remembered the thing I posted.... What's that in the water? I decided to do something like that only different. I'll post a pic and you try to find where it is! You might have found something like this on . { awesome website!} So I will be posting Where's Zippy?!?!?!? So keep on lookout!!- Zippy Crab

Shark Tooth Island

                                              SHARK                                        TOOTH
                                                   island straight from the guide book
                               DIFFICULTY: EASY
                               SYNOPSIS: This tropical paradise is terrorized by a real monster. A giant shark named the great Booga. You'll need to get past the shark to rescue a lost boy- but how? A mysterious medicine man may have to answer.
                                    Written                      Walkthrough
                                                 Written By Zippy Crab

When you arrive on main street you will see a stand marked " Shark Fins " Talk to the guy and he'll give you a shark fin. You don't need it, but it's always good to have accessories. Go farther right to the coconut cafe and talk to the guy. He'll give you coconut milk. The coconut cafe is also a multiverse room. Keep going right and go inside the shark museum. You will see shark facts and at the 2nd floor there is a journal. You'll see there is another language in it but half of it is torn out. Go down more and you'll see shark boy in a pool of water . Famous shark boy. Talk to him if you want to. Leave and keep going right. You will be at the ruins of a temple. On top you'll see the missing piece of the journal!But you cannot reach it! Keep going right and climb the vine.[ watch out for coconuts!] Jump on the platform, and the platform above. Now jump from there to the top of the temple. Get the paper and go into the temple.              

 Go down, left, then up avoiding things and jumping on platforms until you get to the left hall. There will be a pic of a shark with teeth. On it's teeth were letters from that language. When you click on it you will have the piece of paper. translate and click on the teeth and spell: " open". Then go left. Jump down and on those wood platforms and on top of that shark statue. Watch out for the bug! Jump up to the platforms to the elevator. Fall, and get the bone. Get back up, climb back to the elevator, jump on, and go left. There will be carvings on the wall of what to do. Grab the ingredient and go up. Go right to the temple, keep going right to the ocean. talk to the guy by the grass skirts stand and he'll give you one. Put it on and go left, up the tree, to the top. Give the med. man the coconut milk, the bone, and the ingredient. He'll mix it into a coconut and give it to you. go down and right. Keep going right to the cannon. Put the coconut into the cannon and shoot! He will take a rest so you can get through. Swim past him and go right.You'll find the lost kid and an old guy. They will ask you to lead them back to the mainland. Go left and guide them to his mother. The old guy will give you the medallion, and beat the island! Hope It Helped!!!!- Zippy


Hi everybody! I just wanted to post what my friend sporty berry helped me with. GRAVATAR is website that if you are wondering how to get a pic next to your comment when you comment, this is the place to upload it. 1. Save a pic of your poptropican using avatar studio[ hit the button prtscrnsysrq on your keyboard] 2. make an account on gravatar 3. browse image 4. click on computer hard drive 5. confirm image 6. rate G 7. Enjoy!!!!! - Zippy

Party in Poptropica 2!

Party at multiverse number: DYE56 !

Everybody Post!

This is Zippy Crab, Ready for Action! If you have ANYTHING you want to share, SHARE IT! POST IT! PUT IT! Put costumes on and I will post them on here. Put in hints or tips and I will put them on! If you have ANY problems at all, tell or ask me!!!! I will answers all questions! Thanks! - Crab, Zippy

I need help!

Hello, this is the one and only Zippy Crab, reporting with a problem. I do not have a girl account with a membership! I need you guys to send in the best girl costumes you have. Good Luck and Thanks!- Zippy

What about US?

Hello, this is Zippy Crab, But I think we have a problem. I made boys costumes.... WHAT ABOUT THE GIRL COSTUMES?!?! WHAT ABOUT US???? !  I will be trying to make girl costumes... but they might not be that good because I'm NOT a girl! Anyway... Keep on lookout!!!!-Zippy

Party in Poptropica!

Were having a party! Multiverse number: BME79 !

Robots Rule!

What's That? Robots Rule?!? Since when?!?!? Since when a new robot costume came out in the store![ Sorry non-members but its members only!] So here I am to show you. That's what I am here for, right?

Yup, pretty cool, huh? But Just be prepared for more robots to take over Oct 20!!!!!!!!!!-ZiPpY

Early Poptropica

                 EARLY    POPTROPICA
 SYNOPSIS: EARLY POPTROPICA was the very first island to appear on poptropica. on it, the islands inhabitants will ask you to find their missing items: A pig, a bucket, and a signal flag.

               Hello people of Poptropica! This is Zippy Crab reporting with the walkthrough of Early Poptropica straight from the Poptropica guide book! Here is the written walkthrough. And remember this straight from the pop guide book: " To have a good time, you really need to become part of the story. Let your imagination take you places." - Dr. Hare, a Poptropica Creator. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

               When you climb down from the blimp, you will find yourself on main street. There is a pop art museum, that has picures in it, a water tower, a multiverse room,[the soda pop shop ] and there used to be another multiverse room, [the arcade] but it is gone now. You jump on the water tower and see a flag on top, put you cant get it yet because you cant reach it.    EARLY LAND    Go right to the old cabins. If you click on the campfire you will say: Ouch! That's hot. There will be digital people that say they lost a pig, a flag,[the one you saw earlier] and a water bucket. jump down the well and talk to the guy with the glow stick. He tells you that there is an extra glow stick in the upper left corner. Balance the crate on the green platforms of wood and get the glow stick. Then exit the well. Go back to main street and go down the manhole.                          THE UNDERGROUND   Climb down the rope and you will see a goth girl. Go down,[dodging spiders] and see the giant green spider with the pig. AHHH!!!! Grab the pig and run left. DARK UNDERGROUND ROOM

When you go left there will be a big maze. Find your way through it with the glow stick. Get the golden egg, find your way to the top, and go up. Jump on the clothesline above, to the one above that. Then, bounce up from there to the top of the building. Jump to different buildings until you are on the rooftop diner. Go up the vine. CLOUDS
 Give the Giant the golden egg and he'll let you through. Go right and climb over the gardening tools to the vine. Walk on it to the tomato, pumpkin, and watermelon. Grab the water bucket and go right.



 Go to the aircraft graveyard and on to the army plane. fly over with the propellers and over the rocket and get the jet pack. Without that you would have been stuck! Go back left and under the vine but over the shovel. Go over it and take the hole down. BACK TO MAIN STREET
 You will find yourself on top of the water tower. Get the flag and go right to the cabins. Give them all the items only not the flag. There is a certain spot that you can go to so that you can stand on air. Go to the right by the signal cabin.                                                                                                      

After you stand [or crouch ] on air give the flag to the guy in the signal cabin and a ship will arrive. Talk to the man and he will give you the medallion. Hope You Got It! - Zippy Crab