Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Early Poptropica

                 EARLY    POPTROPICA
 SYNOPSIS: EARLY POPTROPICA was the very first island to appear on poptropica. on it, the islands inhabitants will ask you to find their missing items: A pig, a bucket, and a signal flag.

               Hello people of Poptropica! This is Zippy Crab reporting with the walkthrough of Early Poptropica straight from the Poptropica guide book! Here is the written walkthrough. And remember this straight from the pop guide book: " To have a good time, you really need to become part of the story. Let your imagination take you places." - Dr. Hare, a Poptropica Creator. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

               When you climb down from the blimp, you will find yourself on main street. There is a pop art museum, that has picures in it, a water tower, a multiverse room,[the soda pop shop ] and there used to be another multiverse room, [the arcade] but it is gone now. You jump on the water tower and see a flag on top, put you cant get it yet because you cant reach it.    EARLY LAND    Go right to the old cabins. If you click on the campfire you will say: Ouch! That's hot. There will be digital people that say they lost a pig, a flag,[the one you saw earlier] and a water bucket. jump down the well and talk to the guy with the glow stick. He tells you that there is an extra glow stick in the upper left corner. Balance the crate on the green platforms of wood and get the glow stick. Then exit the well. Go back to main street and go down the manhole.                          THE UNDERGROUND   Climb down the rope and you will see a goth girl. Go down,[dodging spiders] and see the giant green spider with the pig. AHHH!!!! Grab the pig and run left. DARK UNDERGROUND ROOM

When you go left there will be a big maze. Find your way through it with the glow stick. Get the golden egg, find your way to the top, and go up. Jump on the clothesline above, to the one above that. Then, bounce up from there to the top of the building. Jump to different buildings until you are on the rooftop diner. Go up the vine. CLOUDS
 Give the Giant the golden egg and he'll let you through. Go right and climb over the gardening tools to the vine. Walk on it to the tomato, pumpkin, and watermelon. Grab the water bucket and go right.



 Go to the aircraft graveyard and on to the army plane. fly over with the propellers and over the rocket and get the jet pack. Without that you would have been stuck! Go back left and under the vine but over the shovel. Go over it and take the hole down. BACK TO MAIN STREET
 You will find yourself on top of the water tower. Get the flag and go right to the cabins. Give them all the items only not the flag. There is a certain spot that you can go to so that you can stand on air. Go to the right by the signal cabin.                                                                                                      

After you stand [or crouch ] on air give the flag to the guy in the signal cabin and a ship will arrive. Talk to the man and he will give you the medallion. Hope You Got It! - Zippy Crab

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