About Me

Hey, my name's Zippy Crab!

         Well, that's my Poptropican's name, at least. My real name is Hunter. I've been playing Poptropica for over 6 years, and started blogging in 2011 when I thought up the idea for this awesome place. Here are some fast facts about me...

- My favorite games to play other than Poptropica are Shovel Knight, Toontown Rewritten, and Wizard101.

- I was first told about Poptropica by a friend who wanted to keep it a secret initially. I couldn't keep the "secret" myself, and told my other friends about it!

- I have a laptop, desktop, Wii U, 3DS, and Playstation 4.

Poptropica Related Facts

Favorite/Least Favorite Islands:

My favorite islands that I see as the "classics" are Spy Island and Astro Knights Island. I remember having some legendary experiences with those the first time around!

My favorite "mini-island" is the Haunted House. It was there when I first joined Poptropica, and I remember having so much fun figuring it out for the first time. I also remember being really excited for the release of the Legendary Swords mini-island back in the day.

My favorite "regular" islands (that aren't seen as classics to me) are Mystery Train Island, Red Dragon Island, Cryptids Island, and Skullduggery Island. I love the clue & evidence finding process with Mystery Train, the ninja fun with Red Dragon, the "myths coming to life" in Cryptids, and the whole "trading, getting gold, and buying ships" situation with Skullduggery.

My least favorite islands definitely have to be the ones based on advertisements or books, like the Wimpy Kid islands, Timmy Failure Island, and Galactic Hot Dogs Island. However, there is one island based on a book series that I actually enjoy playing: Big Nate Island. I definitely see that one as a classic.

Overall, I am a big fan of older islands and not a big fan of "advertisement" islands. I think the newer islands are alright.

More Fast Facts

- I am part of the "Black Flags" tribe on Poptropica.

- I have 31 island medallions. 

- I have defeated the Timmy Failure, Monkey Wrench, Night Watch, Escape from Pelican Rock, Twisted Thicket, Mocktropica, and Vampire's Curse islands once (working on that second time around).

- I have defeated the Ghost Story, 24 Carrot, Wild West, Time Tangled, SOS, Game Show, Mystery Train, Shrink Ray, Red Dragon, Wimpy Wonderland, Cryptids, Great Pumpkin, Steamworks, Skullduggery, Mythology, Counterfeit, Astro Knights, Big Nate, and Nabooti islands all twice.

- I have defeated the Early Poptropica, Spy, and Super Power islands all three times, and have defeated Shark Tooth and Reality TV islands four times.

- My goal is to defeat all Poptropica islands at least twice... maybe more, we'll see. ;)


Well, that's it for now, folks. See ya later! 

- Zippy

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