Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zippy's New Look

             It's certainly been a while since I've posted a new picture of Zippy, hasn't it? I was just thinking of how his look has changed since last time I blogged on here. Instead of the crazy fluffy hair, a motorcyclist's jacket, and a tie, Zippy has some different duds. Here's what he looks like at the moment...

            Yep, there he is (and in a video production studio of Back Lot Island, which I'm currently working on, you may have noticed)! Let's break down his outfit a bit, shall we?

Hat: Zippy's blue baseball cap can be found in the parking lot of "Night Watch Island" on the head of the owner of the Slugger's store, but only before he suggests you take a security job at the mall. Once you've beaten Night Watch Island, he'll be gone, so get the hat while you can or you'll have to restart. The parking lot is to the right of Main Street. 

The reason I picked this hat was because of what it says on it, "NY", which stands for "New York", just like my favorite baseball team in real life, the "New York Yankees"! What better way to support my team than through Poptropica, am I right? The baseball I'm holding is because of the hat, too.

Shirt & Pants: Zippy is wearing a white-colored sweater with a red scarf, and is also wearing some nice blue pants that match his hat. The sweater & scarf combo shirt I also found on Night Watch Island, on one of the many people waiting outside the mall in line for the newest "MacGuffins" gadget. Even after you beat the island, the man will still be standing outside in line. He's in the fourth spot. The blue pants I just found on the "Home" island inside the "New You" shop. If you click the lever a couple of times, the pants should show up on one of the mannequins,

I chose the sweater & scarf shirt because I love how it is formal, yet at the same time pretty cool. The blue pants tie together with the shirt, too, and like I said, they match the hat as well. 


That's it for now, fellow Poptropicans! Feel free to comment your opinions on my outfit, or to comment about your own! I would love to see what kind of great stuff you guys wear. 
See ya later!

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