Monday, October 17, 2011

Zippy Crab Fashion

Do you want to look like me?!?! Do you want to be me for halloween? Here are my threads!P.S. Thanks Brave Bean for helping me think of an idea and typing one part! Outfit 1: Crazy Crab. Hypnotist Glasses, Chocolate Face from Shrink Ray island, Rock Singer hair, color changing shirt, orange [fire] gum, Biker pants and belt, April fool red bow tie, and fireworks. 2. Reg. old Zippy. Rock singer hair, circle smile, rock singer  shirt w tie, rock singer black jacket, biker pants w belt. 3. Dark Knight. rock star 2 back hair [black],  hair in front of face [ reality tv death poptropican] , sideburns with dirt marks [biker] , circle smile, astro dark knight chest armor, green myth surfer skull necklace, biker pants w belt, ninja nunchuck, and grey cape. Hope you use them!!!!! - Zippy

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