Saturday, October 29, 2011

Advertisements: Puss in Boots

Hi people! I saw a new advertisement that came out. Puss in Boots! Here it is!
On main street, there is a new ad. Puss in Boots! Go right and go inside. There will be black cats around. Go right and talk to puss in boots. He will ask you to go up and get some golden eggs. You will climb the vine to the top. Then, you will hear a noise. You will need to escape. You will play a mini-game. You have three lives. Dodge leafs and thunder clouds back and forth. Then, you will win! You will get a puss in boots costume and special beans. When you activate them, hit the spacebar and you will plant a beanstalk right on the spot! { it is like flower power.] I hoope I helped!- Zippy Crab

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