Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shark Tooth Island

                                              SHARK                                        TOOTH
                                                   island straight from the guide book
                               DIFFICULTY: EASY
                               SYNOPSIS: This tropical paradise is terrorized by a real monster. A giant shark named the great Booga. You'll need to get past the shark to rescue a lost boy- but how? A mysterious medicine man may have to answer.
                                    Written                      Walkthrough
                                                 Written By Zippy Crab

When you arrive on main street you will see a stand marked " Shark Fins " Talk to the guy and he'll give you a shark fin. You don't need it, but it's always good to have accessories. Go farther right to the coconut cafe and talk to the guy. He'll give you coconut milk. The coconut cafe is also a multiverse room. Keep going right and go inside the shark museum. You will see shark facts and at the 2nd floor there is a journal. You'll see there is another language in it but half of it is torn out. Go down more and you'll see shark boy in a pool of water . Famous shark boy. Talk to him if you want to. Leave and keep going right. You will be at the ruins of a temple. On top you'll see the missing piece of the journal!But you cannot reach it! Keep going right and climb the vine.[ watch out for coconuts!] Jump on the platform, and the platform above. Now jump from there to the top of the temple. Get the paper and go into the temple.              

 Go down, left, then up avoiding things and jumping on platforms until you get to the left hall. There will be a pic of a shark with teeth. On it's teeth were letters from that language. When you click on it you will have the piece of paper. translate and click on the teeth and spell: " open". Then go left. Jump down and on those wood platforms and on top of that shark statue. Watch out for the bug! Jump up to the platforms to the elevator. Fall, and get the bone. Get back up, climb back to the elevator, jump on, and go left. There will be carvings on the wall of what to do. Grab the ingredient and go up. Go right to the temple, keep going right to the ocean. talk to the guy by the grass skirts stand and he'll give you one. Put it on and go left, up the tree, to the top. Give the med. man the coconut milk, the bone, and the ingredient. He'll mix it into a coconut and give it to you. go down and right. Keep going right to the cannon. Put the coconut into the cannon and shoot! He will take a rest so you can get through. Swim past him and go right.You'll find the lost kid and an old guy. They will ask you to lead them back to the mainland. Go left and guide them to his mother. The old guy will give you the medallion, and beat the island! Hope It Helped!!!!- Zippy

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