Monday, October 17, 2011

About Poptropica

This is straight from the Poptropica guide book, thats why the words are so well put together!
                    Every week, millions of poptropicans explore the islands of poptropica. They battle monsters, climb mountains, travel back in time, solve mysteries, and make new friends. This Blog [ It was book I changed to blog] will take you inside the world of poptropica. You will get hints and tips, and learn secrets that will help you navigate each island like a pro. You will also get behind the scenes look at how islands are created. So what are you waiting for? There are islands to explore, characters to meet, and strange creatures to encounter!
                 Curious adventurers first began to discover Poptropica in 2007. These explorers traveled by blimp to hop from island to island. They soon discover something strange and wonderful: Just when they thought their journey was over, a new island would appear. Exactly what is Poptropica and what will become of it?
That is not yet understood. But that is what Poptropican love the most. Exploring the unknown!

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