Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Pumpkin Island

Hi guys! This is the walkthrough for Great Pumpkin Island.ATTENTION! THIS WAS STRAIGHT FROM WIKIPEDIA ANSWERS. Why? For one thing I know how to beat this island, but it takes days to type it. So here it is through a Wikipedia post with maybe my pics and beginning information from the Poptropica Official Guide Book. Thanks, Zippy.


SYNOPSIS: Every Halloween, kids everywhere watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. In this classic TV special, Charlie Brown goes trick-or-treating, Linus waits up all night for the great pumpkin, and Snoopy battles the Red Baron. When you visit this island, you become a part of Charlie Brown's world and get to do all of these things - And more - With your favorite Peanuts characters.

  • Arrive on the Island and go to the right. You will meet Charlie Brown on the way, and he has received an invitation to a party Halloween night. Lucy is in the Van Pelt house, but she is heading to see Linus at the Pumpkin Patch. Violet is in her house next door, which is decorated for a party. Pigpen is outside the house. Continue right to reach the Pumpkin Patch.
  • The first challenge is to pick the largest pumpkin from the patch. You have a seesaw balance to check them with. The one at far right is the one.
  • You must roll the pumpkin back to Lucy's house. Go slowly over bumps, turn back to reach each of the three flags, which are checkpoints. For the rabbits, don't let them come up under the pumpkin. Roll it very quickly to get through the hollow tree bridge. At the swing set, get as close as possible and stop, then roll through quickly while all three kids swing to the rear.
  • After Linus and Charlie Brown discuss the Great Pumpkin vs. Santa, take the bag from Linus and give it to Pigpen, who gives you a lemon sucker.
  • Give the sucker to Linus, who will give you his invitation to the party. Also pick up the pen from the desk.
  • Leave the house and go left into Charlie Brown's yard, where he is raking leaves. Help Snoopy corral 5 leaves by keeping them in midair with his breath as he moves them from the tree, and left to the leaf pile.
  • Linus arrives and jumps into the leaf pile. When he leaves, follow him until he misses his blanket. Return, recover his blanket from the leaves and bring it to him at the mailbox.
  • Go back left where Lucy is preparing to again trick Charlie Brown with the football. Use the pen to let him sign the "agreement".
  • After he falls anyway, take the football all the way left and throw it into the tree. Knocking down the aviator's helmet begins the Snoopy adventures. You will fly against the Red Baron, then infiltrate enemy territory.
  • In the doghouse / Sopwith Camel, avoid the shots and bombs of the Baron for 60 seconds. (One way is to fly inverted along the top of the screen.) When he drops bombs, veer back the opposite way to dodge them.
  • Crashing behind enemy lines, you will have to avoid being seen by the searchlight. Hide behind rocks, in a trench, in a haystack, behind a road marker, in the river, behind a bush, and finally a chimney.
  • Take the mask from the scarecrow and wear it. You are at the party and must succeed at each of the Party Games.
  • *Bobbing for apples : bite 6 of the apples, and don't miss.
  • *Drawing a Jack o'Lantern : any reasonable face will do
  • *Pin the face on the pumpkin : put each of the 5 features close to where they belong, in the dark. (Stem, two eyes, nose, and mouth)
  • *Schroeder's Piano : to play the song, press the key below each of the falling balls when it enters a box in the row above the keys. This will actually play a song. The party ends and it is later in the night
  • Go trick-or-treating with the gang. Originally you had to get at least 2 different types of candy from among the stuff thrown at the 4 houses. (The game no longer forces you to catch any, and gives you a bag.) Charlie Brown catches all the rocks instead. Take the candy to share with Linus and Sally.
  • Just when Linus is sure the Great Pumpkin will arrive, one of the patch's large pumpkins ominously rises! But... it turns out to only be Snoopy lifting it up.
  • Sally leaves, then Lucy arrives to retrieve Linus, and gives you the Island Medallion.
  • The characters all return home : Lucy and Linus to their house, Charlie Brown to the backyard, and Snoopy to his doghouse.

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