Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! It's a new year, and many surprises will arrive in 2013! As Poptropica says on the website, this year is gonna be even BETTER on Poptropica! New islands, costumes, stuff like that! So this year, make a resolution to venture through the new adventures to come! And I'll be right by your side through the year, of course. Got any questions? You know where to find me! Tell your friends, family, everyone about Poptropica! And tell them about the my blog, too. I'm here this year to help! Happy New Year! Yours Truly, Zippy Crab


  1. Yo! I haven't been reading your blog lately because you haven't been posting much. Check out my poptropica blog:

  2. You should sign up for LEGO CUUSOO, Zippy! Heh. Funny. Zippy.