Friday, February 21, 2014

Monsters, Powder, and Books(Oh my)!

Sorry for the cheesy title, but it looks like we have some more updates in Poptropica!

1. Monsters!

Well, as some of you may have heard, Monster Carnival is back from the scrapheap, and is going to be out soon! So, they said "next week" when they posted it, and that was 7 days ago, so on March 3rd, it will be a week from when that was posted, and we will have a new island(as well as a new month, March!)! This looks like a great island, and I can't WAIT until it comes out!

2. Powder!

So, as I told you above, Monster Carnival is coming out soon, and what would an island release be without new, awesome items?
 The new item is Hypno-Powder! Yay! Now you can hypnotize everything you want! Don't worry parents, it's probably safe! Try it today!

3. Books!

That's right, books! But Zippy, we play video games, not read books! What's this all about?! Don't worry, current blog viewer, you don't have to fear. These books are about video games! No need to fret! Let's see: We have a Wild West book, and a Scary Monsters book. Both sound cool! :)

Well, I guess that's it for today!

Stay Zippy!

~ Zippy Crab

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