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Vampire's Curse Island

Hey guys! This is Vampire's Curse Island. Straight from my own words!
SYNOPSIS: In a small town, a couple interested in vampires goes exploring around a dark, scary castle and go missing. It's your job to go save them. Venture through the gloomy castle. And on the way, discover the secrets of this castle, and of Vampire's Curse Island.

When you enter the village, you will see that friends and family are worried that couple Christopher and Katya have gone to Bram's Castle, inspired by vampire movies and vampire teen novels.
Go right and you will see Christopher. He seems to not want to help.
 Then, go right and up. Next, out of a dark cave left of you, a wolf will jump out. He will run into you and run on lower grounds.
Go on the lower grounds and he will run into you again.
Quickly run into the hollow, dark part of a big tree.
The wolf will run past and you will say: " Maybe I could use one of these branches as a weapon." Then, walk right and up a pair of stairs. Jump up left a little, and you will see a yellow rope. Jump onto it, and drop left of it. You will be on top of the tree. Jump left to the big branch on the left, and jump next to the first rope. The wolf will come out again, and run at you, causing the branch you were standing on to fall. When you fall, you will land on the ground and pick up a log.
Then, run right and up the stairs, and left to the one yellow rope.
 After that, jump left on top of the tree, and go left until you reach another set of ropes. Climb left on all the ropes until you land on a part of land that has a torch and some vines. Climb up on a rope and then go left. The wolf will then knock you back down again.
Climb back up to the spot where he ran into you and jump unto a rope that is hanging between the land you're standing on and the land right of you. Jump on the rope and go to the land right of you, and right to a bridge.
Then, cut the rope of the bridge to make it fall. Jump down and right on the broken bridge, as it will now become a set of stairs. Climb the "Bridge Stairs" until you get to the top of them.
Go right. You will now be in a hilly graveyard type of place. Go right to the first crypt and go inside. There will be a platform with a statue of a girl on it. Jump on the right part of the platform and grab a Teen Vampire Novel.
Then, jump off the platform and walk left to get a crowbar. Exit the crypt.
 After that, exit right past a big tree, and there will be another crypt, this time nailed shut with boards. Click on the gutter that is on the crypt and pull it off.
Then, walk right to a water pump and jump on top of it, angling the gutter you're holding so the water will go from the statue it's coming from, to the gutter, to the empty moat below. Jump on the water pump and filter the water to the moat until it gets to a reasonable size. Then, go right unto the water, and walk further right into an open doorway. From there, go left.

 There will be two boulders, one in the open and another one caught in a ledge. Push the one that's in the open right until it covers the first geyser. Then, go back left to the boulder caught in the ledge. Use your crowbar on the boulder, and it will come loose. Next, push it right until it covers the second geyser. After that, you will have to go right until you come to a wall of rocks. Climb the rocks until you reach a rock that has one boulder on it. Push it over the edge, and it should land so it covers the last geyser you need to cover. Next, drop to the bottom and jump on top of the remaining geyser, and use the current to bring you up to the cracked window. Enter. You will drop into a dark room, with a fireplace in the middle of it.
 Go to the fireplace and use your log. Then, use the teen vampire novel to throw a page of it in the fireplace. There will then be a bellows to the left of the fireplace. Jump on the bellows three times, and some of the room will be lit. Next, go all the way right in the room and there will be a ladder that you have to move all the way left.
After that go right of the fireplace and there will be a stack of candles. Grab one of the candles, and light it with the fireplace. Quickly go left, climb the ladder, and light the chandelier. Then, grab another candle, (don't light it) run up the ladder, and jump on the chandelier with the candles you just lit. Next, light the candle you're holding by lighting it with the candles you lit earlier.
Then, jump to the next chandelier right of you and light those candles. Do this process until you   have lit all four chandeliers. Then, go all the way to the right until you go to a door that has chains around it. Use your crowbar to get the chains off the door. Next, Go to the left and you will see a door.
The door is locked, so you will have to get a key. Watch the ground closely and walk right until you see a glass eye on the ground. Pick it up and move the ladder so that you can climb to the tiger head above. Climb the ladder and put the glass eye in the tiger. You will gain a key. Use the key on the door, and you will enter a weapon room. Walk left after you're in the weapon room and you will gain a crossbow.
Next, walk left until you get to a cannon with cannonballs under it. Click on the cannonballs and put a cannonball in the cannon. Go back to the castle library, grab another candle, light it, and run it to the cannon. Light the fuse on the cannon and it will make a hole in the side of the wall, but not what you want. Light the cannon again, getting another candle and putting another cannonball in, lighting the candle, and the cannon explodes to the right side of the room. Get yet another candle and cannonball, but the cannonball in, light the candle, and light the cannon. This will blast open a hole in the ceiling, revealing the castle attic. Go up into the first part of it.

There will be a bucket on the first part, on the right. Then you will see that above you there is a plant that needs water and sunlight.
Next, exit the weapon room, then the library to go outside. After that, fill up the bucket using one of the geysers. Go back inside to the library, then the weapon room, then the attic. Then, equip your crossbow, and shoot the left wall quickly with arrows, quickly climbing then to get to the next floor of the attic. Use the bucket to water the plant, and pry the boards off the window by using the crowbar. The plant will grow out the window, and so on. Exit through the window.
From there walk right and up the vine, using the leaves to climb higher until you come to a window. Enter.
 Once you go inside, grab Count Bram's Notebook, and some garlic that's on the shelf. You can also click on the tomato bat, and you will temporarily become one!
Next, leave the room through the door in the middle of the room, and then enter another door on the right in the next place. Then, go up and talk to Katya, and she'll tell you what to do.
  After that, exit the room and jump off the tower. Then you should enter the once locked door into the castle.
Climb unto the fireplace using the ladder, and jump on the bookshelf on the right to get the Root Causes.
Exit the castle, and go left to an archway. Go through. Then, climb up on the tree on the right, and shoot with your crossbow to make a ladder for yourself. Climb up it, and grab the Mandrake Root.
You should then climb down, and exit the way you came. Next, go back into the castle, and push a cannonball that will be on the left side of the room. Push it until it gets to the fireplace, where it will get heated. Then, get the fire poker (that metal thing by the fire), and use it to push the cannonball into the dumbwaiter.

Next, you need to get into the lab. Go back into the weapon room, get back up into the top of the attic, and climb the vine outside. Then, go into the lab, and go right where you'll see a lever. Click it, and the cannonball will come up. It'll then roll near the wolfsbane, and... ta-da! You have yourself some wilted wolfsbane. Then, go to the microscope and get 1 click of Mandrake Root, 3 clicks of Wilted Wolfsbane, and lastly, 3 clicks of Garlic Extract. This will give you some Anti-Vampirism Serum.
Next, go back to where Katya was and talk to her. Then, go down to a locked door on the right. You should see a sparkly cane near the door. Grab it, and use it to grab the key inside the bars.

Now, go up to Katya and unlock her cage. Just as she's free, Count Bram shows up! You heroically break the window and hop out with Katya. You then have to climb the castle, get out your garlic, protect Katya, and escape Count Bram. Once you get to the top, Count Bram turns into a bat.
  That means it's your turn! Shoot Bat Bram (bad name, I know) with your crossbow containing the Serum, and... bam! Bram's all fixed!
  You get taken back in the castle, and Bram joins Annabelle. And oh, hey, it's Christopher, the guy who earlier said "There's plenty of cute girls in this village. I'm going home!", but still, he's Katya hero. Of course, you get no credit, only a medallion. But hey, you beat the island! Congrats!

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