Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zippy's Costumes: Mother Nature & Teenage Girl

Hi guys! I have 2 more costumes, (girl costumes this time) but they are made by my friend Neat Hopper. Here they are:


1. Green pop star lips 2. Green prom queen dress (both the top and the skirt) and bangs. (both bangs)
3. wavy hair from that girl on cryptids island. ( make your hair green by either using colorizer or 24 Carrot drinks ( 24 carrot drinks gave it a good olive color) )
4. (Optional) Fairy Wand

Teenage Girl
1. Vampire girl 1 hair
2. Vampire girl 2 shirt, necklace, bangs, and pants.
3. Vampire girl 3 bangs

Thanks for looking!!! - Zippy

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