Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spook Central Walkthrough

Hi everybody! As you may know, ghost story island is coming out soon, and the Poptropica creators have been working. They created a mini-game for the island as they did for some of the past islands. This mini-game is called spook central. Here is a little about it.      SPOOK CENTRAL
                                         SYNOPSIS: Ghost have broken free all over Poptropica! Do you have what it takes to catch them?          DIFFICULTY: EASY

Start wherever you want,  but follow these directions for each one.
 When you start, just talk to the lady and she will give you a ghost catching net, ( hit spacebar to use) and the ghosts's files. Good Luck!


FOUND: Wild West Island
PLACE:  TRADE AND BARTER SHOP, MAIN STREET. When you arrive, just go right to the trade and barter shop and go in. The ghost will instantly appear. Either chase it around for fun, or just hit spacebar when it is done talking.

FOUND: Shrink Ray Island
PLACE: Main Street

Just walk right to the end of main street and the ghost detector will turn red. You will see the ghost. Either wait until it is done talking and hit spacebar right away, or chase it for fun.

FOUND: Steamworks Island
PLACE: Museum on Main Street

Go right to the Museum on Main Street. Go inside and meet the ghost.

 Either wait until it is done talking and hit spacebar right away, or chase it for fun.

FOUND: Skullduggery Island
PLACE: Main Street

Go right to the end of the screen and the ghost will start flying. This time it might take a while chasing her. Good luck!


I looked and looked, and I finally found him at the factory. Go right to there. The EMF ghost thing will start flashing. The best time to get the ghost is to wait until he is at one end side of the screen, then, he goes down unto the ground. Stand on that spot and hit spacebar. You Got It!


Go on the map to the spook central game. You will find out the ghost hunter wanted the ghost and wanted to destroy all Poptropica, beginning with you! You will have 1:00 to run around the room, catching the ghosts. After you win, you take her suit. You Win! I hope I helped. - Zippy Crab

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