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Game Show Island

straight from my own words!
SYNOPSIS: The robots haven taken over! Building computers to enter on game shows seemed like a funny idea. Right until they kept winning and winning. The robots have taken over, and Poptropica needs a savior. Do you have what it takes?

When you arrive on main street, you will find lots of robots. That is because they have taken over!
Go left and into the museum. If you go right the man dressed as a robot will tell you to go left. Watch the video, and go up and right. You will see The Thinker robot form. Go down and the man will tell you he has a box of tools you can use if you can find them. Exit. Hop on top of the museum's roof and jump from buildings until you get the toolbox. Go left. Go into the factory and talk to the worker. She will say that the belt is broken. Go up and jump on the crane. Then, on the panel on the left/right, hit the green up arrow. Keep going up until you come to the platform with a computer. Click on it and you will type some stuff. Up above, you will open a passage. Go up there and use the toolbox to unscrew the panel. Pull down the robot factory switch.Then the belt will work. Go down and the worker will give you a fan. Go back to main street. Go in the robot club because the robot will think you are a handyman. Notice you can play pool against a robot. Go right and the robot with an afro will tell you he is hot. Fan him and he will give you a nickel. Go back to the factory and go all the way left. The homeless man will say he needs a nickel for a bar of soap. Give your nickel to him. He will give you heat vision glasses. If you use them, you can see any body heat. [including poptropicans ] Go in the club and use the glasses. You will see there is another poptropican hiding! He will crawl up the vent shaft. Go outside and point the fan down to fly up to the right window. Then, use the tools to bolt it open. Go inside. You will see "The Inventor" climb out. He will think you are a robot in a costume and run away. He will break a plank causing a machine to fall. Jump to the top shelf and push the record player to the right to break another plank and go down and right. You will stop in your tacks while the inventor drops a ball on you. He will break yet again another plank and you will fall. Go right and up and left and up to a roof door that he escaped through. Use your heat glasses to see the hand warmth and click the code: 2014 then press enter. Go out and the inventor will show you something on his upad. He will give you a control to his jet. You can now travel 6 places: Istanbul, Main Street, Miami, Moscow, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires. Here we go!!!
When you arrive, go right and up. Talk to the man. He says he needs to do a task or he'll get fired! Do it for him. INSTRUCTIONS: Use the crane to place each of the 4 pieces of the second minaret on the fourth pedestal. You may move only one piece at a time. Each piece can be placed on either an empty pedestal or on top of a piece that is wider than itself.
After you finish that, he will give you a ticket for the game show scaredy pants! Click on the card when you want to go.
1st challenge: Find the glow stick and return it as fast as you can. You have 60 seconds. 1st place bonus: 10,000 2nd place bonus: 5,000.       TIPS: The glow stick is in the down right corner. Dodge creatures back and forth to get it.
 2nd challenge: Critter Keepers: Grab the creatures and put them in bins as quickly as possible. You must sort them all. 1st place: 12,000 2nd place: 6,000  TIPS: Try to look at what animal you are pulling up. Go fast.
3rd challenge: Tightrope Terror: Keep your balance and cross the highwire with as few falls as possible. You have 5 tries.    TIPS: Keep the mouse in the middle to stay balanced. Charge it right to go fast, but then recover by going back to balancing in the middle. [ don't charge to much!]

When you land at Miami, you will land on a boat. Go right and you will see a robot man talking to a robot woman. The woman will get fired. She will be mad and take three prizes from the host. Talk to the host and he will ask for your help. Because the woman took the prizes, she will drop them off a window!
MINIGAME MIAMI :Tilt the awnings to get them safely to the host. [it an work multiple ways] TIPS: Look ahead at what your doing. INSTRUCTIONS: 1ST PLATE: After it falls, tilt right, then left, then right, into his arms.  2ND PLATE: after it falls, left, right, right, left. 3RD PLATE: left, right, left, and if you kept the other platforms used like that, it should fall good into place.
He will let you be a contestant on spin for riches! Use the card.
100 points for a letter 1,000 points for the answer. 3 ROUNDS some questions: No one can call him a blockhead. answer: Phineas.  Cat and a president : James Garfield or Garfield.     This person is not a fan of lady gaga's wardrobe : her dry cleaner. Look before you leap: Frog. Who invented the moonwalk? And not Michael Jackson! : Neil Armstrong. Maybe this song was dedicated to Darth Vader: Every Breath You Take. Those are some! I hope you win!

When you land on here, you will land on a electricity pole. Go down and talk to some robots. They will say that their clock is broken. Go all the way left and talk to the big robot. He will want to go to the gym, but the gym is closed according to the broken clock.Click on it.You will ask him to help you move the parts on the clock as long as the gym will open. Go to the clock and he will help you. Put them horizontal. It might take a while, but you will get it. Next, the robot guy will give you his ticket on Kerplunk.
Use it.

 Kerplunk is a game that is an obstacle course. It is as simple as that. I hope you win!


Here, there is lots of high buildings. Go all the way down and right and talk to the robot with an icicle on his head. He will tell you he got hit on the head and he is supposed to send a signal to the jet above. He needs a code. But he forgot the code because of the icicle. Click the windows to change guess of the code. Then turn the handle to see if it is correct. I think that the patterns are different for each person. I'm not sure.Mine was orange, blue, yellow, blue.Good luck!!! Talk to the robot in the suit that exits the jet. He will give you a ticket for brainiacs!

1. choose a question 2. be first to buzz in 3. pick the right answer.
The categories are Bad Guys, Famous landmarks, Now where did I see them?, Sports, Popular trends, The world of Poptropica, Homophones, and Complete the song title. These have questions for 100$, 200$, 300$, 400$, and 500$. If you get the question right, you can choose another one. However, if the robots get one right, they get to pick. Then, in the last round, one person,[or robot] will be eliminated. Then, there will be a final question. You will get to wager how much money to get or lose. I hope you win!!!


If you talk to the robots here, they will say the TV is broken so they can't watch the game show Mr. Yoshi's Super Terrific challenge. Go right into the room marked " SERVICE ENTRANCE". You will be set up with a puzzle. You have to set the pipes up correctly. Click on the correct circuit to make a path.  Good Luck!
 after you beat it, it will say: Mr. Yoshi needs entertainment! Please send your city's favorite celebrity. Thank you. They will send you.


The idea is to amuse Mr. Yoshi. Good Luck!

TASK 1: Baby costume: Before the time runs out, click the blocks to build a tower that reads: YOSHI . Click the arrows to rotate the blocks and reveal new letters.

TASK 2: Chicken Costume: Crack the egg to escape by clicking on it rapidly!
Hurry, before the time runs out!

TASK 3: Bowling Ball Costume: Chase and knock down all ten bowling pins before time runs out! 

I hope you win!!!


When you enter your helicopter again, There will be a note from the inventor. It will say: Meet me at main street right away! Be careful, Holmes is looking for you. Go There.
Holmes will send a message to everyone saying that if they find you, they will get a life time supply of oil. Then, you will see the inventor calling. Go down underground but watch out for robots. The inventor will tell you that you are in Holmes inner sanctum. He will give you a thumb Drive. Go right and do the puzzle. Drag the panel to which side you want them. Good Luck!!! Some police will arrive and use their lasers, but keep doing puzzle after puzzle. When you get to the end, Go down the hatch and go down. 


He will once again try to threat you, but use the thumb drive on him!!!
WOAH! He starts talking whack! Mary had a little lamb!!!! Hahah! Then he asks you to play a game of tic-tac-toe. [ you cant really do it.] Then, the inventor comes down and gives you the medallion!!! WOOHOO! You Win!!! I hope I wrote this so that you could understand it!!! Thanks Guys!!!- Zippy

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